CHAPTER 9: No-One Can Hear An Artist’s Howl If It’s Whispered

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It was chilly with icicled dew on the grass.

CHAPTER 8: Artists Posing As Gentlemen; Is The Nude A Model Or A Stripper?

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“Shut the door,” he said.

CHAPTER 7: A Colour Never Before Seen In The Art Supply Store

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This morning, I received a call from a local art collector for a commission. This led me to a trip to the art supply store.

CHAPTER 6: Things They Don’t Teach Artists In College

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Caroline and I matched a few of days ago and texted in a frenzy for a couple of nights. That’s all it took and we made plans.

CHAPTER 5: The Challenges Of An Artist Applying For A Teaching Position

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The night before the interview, I found myself unable to sleep, despite going to bed around 10.30PM. It wasn’t my nerves; it was my hard-on that kept me up well past midnight, while texting with a girl I was planning to meet.

CHAPTER 4: Teaching Art At A Community Center And Trying To Get Paid

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My Cavalier coupe skidded into the parking lot, ten minutes before the first class was supposed to begin. Preferring at least 20 lead-in, I made do, having just enough time to prepare myself. That involved unlocking the cupboards and taking out the art supplies. I covered the tables with tarp for the painting class first. A Cartooning class which I also taught was right after. I set up the flip chart at the front of the class for showing examples and ran into the office to make a few photocopies to hand out to students. There were twelve students in…

CHAPTER 3: An Artist’s Responsibilities To Himself And His Community

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I woke up with a cramped neck, before the sun had fully risen, at the exact moment the sun soaked in the sky’s dawning light. Scattered streaks of light were on display, along with the various shades of blue, yet with a tint of dark grey. I found myself somewhat reluctant to get up this Saturday morning, but I had to. This was my last class of the season at the Canterbury Community Center.

CHAPTER 2: An Artist, His Muse, & His Canvas, In The Dim Hours

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We gave into the moment. I closed my eyes and enjoyed Mary’s breast pressed on my rib. We laid on my bed for a while. I felt guilty for letting my immediate desires compromise both our virtues. She mentioned that they hadn’t been intimate for months. I made myself believe that it wasn’t an exaggeration. Regardless, her live-in boyfriend would notice, if she didn’t go home tonight.

CHAPTER 1: The start to a novel based on a real artist’s career and love life

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Let me paint you a picture…

It started with a blank canvas. I had it stretched out loosely over my living room floor which served as my studio space. The easel pushed into the left corner, my couch was on the right. I had a work desk too and a dining table at the other end of the room, behind us. I kept my gaze down, fiddling with the settings on my second-hand camera in the compact gimbal. Despite my best intentions not to, from the corner of my eye I could see Mary’s blue dress sliding off her shoulders. It glided gently onto the floor…

Originally, from a live Youtube interview by Georgia Agbodjan on March 14th, 2021.
(Dorkga channel

Cristian S. Aluas is a full-time artist and is best known for his ongoing comic series Big Boss: Gun For Hire. With the recent publication of his book for aspiring freelancers, IT’S A LIVING, he engages in a lively conversation with fellow artist Georgia, sharing tips for freelancing as a profession, his journey as an artist, and how to manage one’s time efficiently. Visual examples are shown alongthe way.

Cristian S. Aluas

Cristian S. Aluas (pronounced KRIS-TEE-an ah-LOO-ahsh) is a Romanian-born Canadian artist and writer living in New York City.

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